My goal for is to share some thoughts about life and philosophies that got me this far without killing myself.

It's something I want to do each day. It's been a while but here's an update and example of how I think.

I have a unique ability to overthink the smallest of projects.

Some nice people sent me a cool desk to review. Naturally, it came in a couple of boxes and needed some assembly.

I procrastinated deciding where to put the desk. It won't quite fit in my office, but I have plenty of space nearby. So I spent weeks mulling over options to re-purpose everything, deciding where to put the old desk and finally deciding that I just needed to have someone do it all for me. And what about getting rid of it all and becoming a nomad?

That was six weeks ago.

Friday, in a whirlwind of activity, I decided to cut open the box, and sure enough, it's easy assembly, and I just needed to bring a screwdriver from its shelf downstairs.

But first, I had to answer an email asking if I was going to open the box.

Yes, it's open now. I'm working on it

It took a day to get the tools then remembered that the extra bits for the power screwdriver were downstairs

Is the power screwdriver charged? Do I need it? Why not just carry a bunch of tools upstairs and finish the project in 15 minutes?

Then OUCH. A blood blister appeared on my heal an I was off my feet most off.

What do I do for a blood blister? Maybe soak it in hot water. Felt good at the time. Very painful the next morning;. Note to self: Don't do that again.

63 years old and only had this a couple of times for me, wife and five children we raised. So I had to google "blood blister" and learned that heat is terrible and ice is helpful, but the best advice is to let nature fix it in 3-5 days.

Oddly, it's the ugly puffy part is has moved to just off my heal and I'm walking today.

I could write 10 blog posts on this experience.. It will be your good fortune that I am choosing not to do that.

As you see. I like writing stories more that manual labor. That trait does come in handy when helping my clients but not much good for building a desk.

Look for a desk review coming soon 🙂