Have you got 3 words for this year?

Not resolutions, not promise you might have trouble keeping.. just 3 words you choose to focus on for the coming year.

I’ve been choosing 3 words for about 4 years. I got the idea from Chris Brogan, who explains the 3 words concept as.

What is the My 3 Words Process?

Every year, at the beginning of the year, choose 3 words that have personal meaning to you that you will use as guideposts for your chosen path forward in the coming year. Make the words such that they influence your choice of actions, encourage you to decide in favor of your goals, and guide you towards lasting results that you want to experience throughout the year.

Write these words down. Post them everywhere. Schedule them to pop up in your calendar. And use these words as part of your decision-making process every day.

Warren’s 3 words for 2018


I’ve use decision, close, complete and ship as words to remind me to leave fewer projects unfinished and focus on making the best of the best.  I heard Bob Smith talk about certainty last month and saw how it combines the project finishing attitude with confidence.

Often, I am looked to as the old man who knows something… While I feel like the kid who is as confused as ever, I am learning that most of us will follow the reasonable suggestion that allows us to join in. That works well in leading others. I am not working on showing more certainty. Especially to myself.


I like the word. I have always thought of people chanting a mantra as both motivated and somewhat silly. Now that I have studied how special occasions and milestones help us remember special days over the normal routine, I want to make more special days for my friends, family, and self.

In business, I am the storyteller. I realize that all things being equal, life is dull. This year, instead of seeking difference for amusement and motivation, I’m looking to establish more things worth repeating… like mantras.


This word resonated at a deep level with me (pun unintended). I have been successful at “going wide” and reach mass audiences and a large network through social media and my professional career in broadcasting, advertising, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Still, the best relationships are deep. You know, those people you meet and talk to for hours at the first chance you get. Real friends who change your life. My best work has come through referrals from people who I got to know better than we often do in business.

This year, I’m going deep more often and looking for ways to give more to those who have taken the time for this sort of bonding.

Share Your 3 Words With Me.

Send me a tweet with the 3 words, or a link to your post. You can reach me on Twitter @WarrenWhitlock where I read everything addressed to me. I have a deep connection with @ChrisBrogan from talking about his fantastic newsletter with a reply (yes, he reads them), so I know you can tag him too. You don’t have to tell him that “Warren sent me”, unless you want to go deep. LOL