I trained myself to see any group of people moving in the same direction, regardless of the topic, class or demographics, I see a market. Data that might help me qualify an offer that appeals to them.

Then, a few years back, I started studying the validity of some of our assumptions. I learned that people are motivated to connect with each other and share stories (experiences). We want to identify with others and form groups.

51lurh71kulNow, after reading my favorite influence author, Dr. Robert Cialdini’s new book on PREsuasion. I’m seeing how positioning what happens before a persuasive event is vital to getting the results you desire.

A study of movie goers found that offers of being part of a group (words like “best seller” telling folks “everyone does this”) do great in situations where the prior experience is highly charged (like an election). BUT, an appeal to the “rugged individual” will do poorly. Instead, he suggests that people getting out of a RomCom movie will buy in the opposite way. Moving away from the group.

I’m thinking we need to appeal to voters with the “unity message”. Media and leaders promoting “getting away” or “opposition” are fueling that fire. Marketers would be wise not to follow that this week.

The election is over. Saying that to people may not be the best ad copy, but offering them a chance to move on to the next thing that they are primed for is.

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t have a dog in this fight. I’ve been ignoring politics where I can, and see the energy wasted. Trying to think of how I’d put that energy towards something positive.