Pinterest worked with von Holzhausen, a business that sells minimalist luxury accessories exclusively online to craft beautiful and engaging Promoted Pins with existing product images.

First was a model showing a bag.

pinterest image test

This was run against three photos framed together with a bit of text:
pinterest multi

Pinterest Test Results

After running a Promoted Pins advertising campaign with an A/B split, Pinterest saw that the multi-product Pin with text overlay had 7 times more engagement than the Pin with a single product.

On Pinterest, where 80% of users view with a mobile device, an image  with taller vertical aspect ratios performs better than horizontal.

Ideas for Better Image Preparation from Pinterest

Using this insight as a guiding principle, here are a few ideas on how you can repurpose your existing image assets to create beautiful and effective Promoted Pins.

  1. Create a Pin by stacking two Instagram images on top of one another and adding a simple text overlay adding context to the image
  2. Crop horizontal email, website or print image assets to create a Pin
  3. Reuse Facebook ad images by cropping them to create a vertical Pin image
  4. Use Photoshop to create multi-product Pins or add text overlays to your Pins.