Seeing this shared will make me smile

Take a few minutes now and watch this movie. It explains my philosophy that everything good comes from connection and sharing experiences. It’s just 16 minutes long and will change your day.

I that may make your cry, but will certainly make you smile. Share it with someone. That will bring you an even bigger smile.

You deserve it. You are spectacular

Make Me Smile

I found this short film in 2008 and started sharing it. The more I shared it, the more stories we got back telling how others were pointing to this page to share it’s message and make people smile.

Soon I had watched it myself dozens of times, and used it in presentations as a social media expert, showing how each of the lines the hero uses are about the length of a tweet on Twitter. Now when I’m asked if Twitter can work, I refer others to this movie. It’s so obvious that big things happen from short messages.

Today, I return and watch it ever month or so, but hardly a day goes by that I don’t share this link with someone. The joy of hearing how others have used short messages like this to turn around a conversation, to uplift a friend or family member, or use a smile to make the day of  a stranger are my real joy.

Share a Smile and Share Your Story Below.

We switched the comment engine on this blog and lost hundreds of comments. Now you can comment and share and start your own sharing story. Please take a moment to let me know how your sharing and smiles made another smile.