HydraQuik for Quick Hot Water

I got to get a Hydraquik…

In my illustrious career as a person taking showers over the past several decades, I’ve been scalded enough times to pretty much assure you that I’m not going to ever stand in a shower, turn it on wait to see what happens. I turn on the shower and wait.

Why can’t I have instant hot water?

I’ve also had plenty of time to think about that wait, the waste and several meta layers of what others must be thinking, the total hours spent standing around waiting for a shower, the end of the Earth, how much less time I’ll have for breakfast, what famous people are doing at this kind of moment and of course, what sort of device I might invent or bring to market to solve this.

Stop waiting!

Instant hot water is possible and someone is bring it to market via kickstarter. I’ve pledged and now fulfilling my dream of being a small part of bringing this life changing development to the masses of people here in the First World where we call this a problem.

Don’t feel guilty, we’ll get to helping the people who don’t have hot showers or potable water in another post 🙂


Without further ado. Here’s the HydraQuik project. Watch the video and be sure to click through to get a pledge in to make this possible.


About HydraQuik

HydraQuik IsThe World’s Fastest and Smartest Hot Water Delivery System and Saves Water!

  • The HydraQuik gets hot water to your fixtures up to ten times faster than running a faucet.
  • No water gets run down the drain. Save thousands of gallons a year.
  • Program your hot water using the 7 day calendar/timer mode for virtually instant hot water.
  • Can be operated as a temperature controlled circulating system.
  • Set the system to freeze protection mode to protect your pipes from freezing in the winter.
  • World’s first smart phone programmable hot water delivery system.
  • View your usage patterns, amount of water you’ve saved, and the delivered hot water temperatures.(This information can help you save more water and energy)