ASW16 Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit, the premier affiliate marketing conference, was founded by Missy Ward and Shawn Collins in 2003 for the purpose of providing educational sessions on the latest industry issues and fostering a productive networking environment for affiliate marketers.

I love January here in Vegas. Good weather, big shows and many friends visiting during Affiliate Summit.

Right in the middle is Affiliate Summit West. The performance marketing super show. Over 5000 people who are prospering online. Networking and learning here in Vegas every year. I’ve been to over a dozen and always have a great time and new ways to improve my income.

What’s different about this evenĀ is that unlike a lot of seminar on how to make money, there isn’t just one guru telling you do join his tribe. This is people making a real business of marketing online, exhibits from the biggest networks and networking with millionaires. Plus some of the best Vegas parties all year.

Should I Go to Affiliate Summit

Only if you want to be your own boss, work when you want and have a lot of fun. Watch this video about Affiliate Summit and the register here

Are You Coming? Let’s Meet

I do my best to stay in public areas during big event like this. I love the serendipity of running into old friends, hearing about their successes, and meeting new friends.. especially the not-so-new friends that I talk with online.

When you see me, come on up and say hi. I’ll probably be talking.. that’s okay. People are here to meet and we know to go someplace private if there’s a business deal afoot. Come right up and say hi. I’m looking forward to it.

If you do have a business deal, want some consulting, need an influencer or influence marketing campaign. Email me at [email protected] Let’s make 2016 the best year ever!