The Trouble with Tracking Influence

Everyone has stories about tracking influence, the inception moment when they first heard about a new company, new product or life event.

“Where did you guys first meet?” will always trigger a memory.

“Where id you first hear about our products? is not quite a popular because we may have been exposed to a product before realizing we wanted it and there is no formal introduction, much as salespeople would like there to be.

As salesperson would turn in a report, put a record in a database and track the relationship. How do we do that when we are marketing through social media, blogs, and online media?

Tracking Influence with gShift

In today’s market, we can count on a potential customer walking into our store or even visiting our web site. Getting prospects to come to your web site and tracking what content they receive is good, but what about the inception moments that happen off site?

This is where gShift shines.

gShift had me on on a recent webinar as a guest presenter . We talked about marketing through influencer, using smart URL’s to track content and how we can get closer to being there for the inception moments. I got permission to share the whole presentation with you here:

About the Tacking Influence Webinar

Leading digital marketing influencer, Warren Whitlock and gShift’s Co-founder & CEO, Krista LaRiviere, delivered an informative look at the trends in off-site content, including influencer marketing and social engagement.

As content marketing continues to play a very large role for many organizations, distribution and tracking of content performance has become a main concern. Marketers now understand the need for content and brand messaging to exist and live beyond their own website. With this development, social media and influencer marketing have taken over as leading components in current strategies.

While organizations understand the need for distribution and influence, they lack visibility into the metrics required to properly evaluate their off-site content performance.

In this webinar, we reviewed:
• The rise in importance of off-site content.
• What is influencer marketing and how can you make it work for you?
• Challenges and solutions in tracking off-site content.