Lucy is a simple and smart device that will let you control the sun.

how Lucy puts sunlight where you want itGet Sunlight Where You Want It

When I get a comfortable chair, a great book and the sunlight hitting just right, I can finish a book in one reading and have a very enjoyable afternoon.

Trouble is, The Sun doesn’t stay put. (yeah, I know it’s the Earth, but I’m telling a story here 🙂

I’m constantly changing the chair, fidgeting around and changing locations. In my world, that’s dangerous. Anything more than a second of distraction and I may wander off for hours and miss out on my precious reading time.

If I could control the Sun, I’d be set.

That what Lucy will let me do. In a couple of seconds, it will learn where you want sunlight, where and when the sun hits nearby, and set it’s mirror to track and control the Sun (or at least the light you need) all day long.

Your Own Personal Sun

Startup Solenica has Lucy just about ready to come to market. Italian design and easy to use.

Watch CEO Diva talk about Lucy.

About Solencia

Diva Tommei, CEO of Solenica, came up with the initial idea of Lucy during her days at Cambridge University.

Lucy was born as a way to treat her own Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it completely changed her life. From there, she realized two important things: 1) a large part of the world’s population also experiences a variety of health issues due to a lack of sunlight in their homes, and 2) the creation of Lucy meant there was something she could do to help overcome it.

Not content with idly sitting by, Solenica Inc was born, but she knew she could not do it alone. Diva first recruited Alessio Paoletti, who has worked for Bulgari, Cavalli, and has helped design some of the fastest cars in the world.

She also recruited Mattia di Stasi, who has done marketing and business development at Working Capital Acceleration, a program by Telecom, the largest Telco company in Italy. Together, they set out to build a company around the empowerment of happiness and health through design and technology.

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