This is Not about Dilbert.

This is some of the most sane analysis of politics I’ve seen in quite some time. Scott Adams talks to Reason TV about the skilled insanity that is the Donald Trump Campaign for President of the United States.

This is Not about Politics

Scott Adams isn’t really talking about the virtues of one candidate over another. At this point, it’s all theater and Trump has nothing to loose, and much more skills as a national brand. Adams discusses this, and how breaking loose of the pack give Trump an advantage in languaging, hypnosis and framing.

Why I Don’t Support Donald or Dilbert for President

Adams has concluded that the advantages Trump has will surely allow him to win. I think that’s as calculated as the Trump side show and just stirs the contriversy to make a point. It’s a fun tack. Entertaining as Dilbert.

So I’ll say I agree with him in principle.. and leave you with this quote I really admired

“I find it terribly interesting that you can defend an entirely different view of the world with the same data that is used to defend the standard model

“Whenever I can do that, I’m so there.

“As soon as you realize that the model you have been looking at isn’t so firm as you thought, then you’re free.”

Will you vote Dilbert for President?