Finding the Right Influencers

We all know that some people have more influence in a any group or category. The term Influencer Marketing is fairly new, codifying what this fact and creating a rush by brands and companies to move beyond the outdated marketing ideas of “bigger is better” to focus on the connections that have more influence.

The 20th Century was unique in allowing a brand with a big budget to buy influence through the technology available. The owners of media properties with the largest reach became rich with money and influence. The ability to push a message through their one way channels was enough to create much of the growth of the biggest growth century ever.

Now we have 2-way communication with even larger audiences and the opportunity to see abundance that will well exceed the mass century. Instead of buying mass coverage, we are learning to connect with the individuals who are already connected, respected and loved in a community.

Finder Makes it Easy

I’ve been fortunate to be called an influencer in some groups, and have worked with clients to find the most influential people in the market. We’ve found that influencer connections are powerful, but the methods to compile a list of potential influential partners and connect with those that resonate with a product can be a high up-front cost.

Along the way, I’ve joined many networks, tried many tools, and spent a lot of time filling the gaps to make sure good connection prospects don’t fall through the cracks.

One of the most interesting platforms I’ve watched develop is Buzzoole. The company focuses on making it easy. So I was pleased to see a new influencer marketing tool from Buzzoole called Finder.

When I found Finder, I asked for a demo and they gave me a free trial. Once I got in, this is what I see:



Type your category or keyword into the “Choose a topic” box and click the SEARCH button and you’ll get sample results in seconds, with the ability to get full reports if you want.

How I’m Using Finder

The difference with Finder is the retention and updating of it’s lists.  Naturally, you’ll want to to prune a list to get to those that you can establish a relationship with and get into a your own system.

I like how this is an option.

Most people will use Finder to find partners, solicit guest posts or invite to an influencer program… I create lists and follow up with people I can meet at an event. This week it was Pubcon. Having spoke there for the last 10 years, I know the value of the relationships I’ve made (I met my partner Steve Wiideman at a Pubcon years ago), and how I still don’t know the most of the attendees after going 15 times.

So before I went, I ran a report in Finder, using pubcon as my topic. I scroll through results and found 156 influncers. Dropping a few and adjusting the filter, I had a list of prospects to review.

I then started reading up on the top 20 for ideas on who to meet up with there. Finder allows you one-click access to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, their website and email if available. You can also follow and sent a tweet right from the report. A couple of minutes on each yield plenty of information that tells me enough to know what I will approach them with at the show, or online.

HINT: I never connect with someone to pitch something. I look first for what they are doing, what matters to them, what news they are sharing or what interests they have.. on the topic, or anywhere. I find a reason to comment, share, help them, or encourage the project they are working on. It’s not about me, it’s about them. Only when I have rapport do I ever mention my own projects.. often because they are asking “what’s new with you?” or “is there anything I can help you with?”

Here’s the top 4 of my list for Pubcon. (Lee Odden, Brett Tabke, Greg Boser, Barry Schwartz). All are people I have seen at past year’s shows, and I know all will were worth getting to know better).


Top Influencers for pubcon. Found with Finder from Buzzoole

Get Attention for Your Topic

For my use here, I am satisfied with getting the links to quick research and showing you how Finder works. If this were a longer term project, I’d be creating a list of “The Top 10 Most Influential Pubcon Attendee” and adding a paragraph about each one. You’ll note that I did  share links to them above.

  1. I recommend you follow these four if you are in any job that requires the Internet
  2. I will let them know that I talked about them in a tweet. Thanking them and assuming they will want to share (I don’t ask, they will want to share if I’ve done it right)

Try Finder. It’s Really This Easy

Your business and brand needs to use connections with peers and influencers in your category. It’s an easy way to create content, make connections, and become attractive to people in your industry.

This is the way to stop chasing business and let it come to you.

I encourage you to try Finder and Buzzoole. The first Finder report is free and well worth getting to know how to be more effective with your valuable time in the vital area of your business.

About Buzzoole

Through Buzzoole, in completely automatic way, brands can generate buzz (Digital PR campaigns) about their products or services through influencer of their niche market

  • Marketers pay on the basis of post really generated by the influencers (pay per post model – brands pay Buzzoole for each post published).
  • For users/influencers, Buzzoole is completely free! Buzzoole helps social media users to improve their social reach and be influential enhance their engagement and optimize their online presence, helping them become influential in subjects in which they have expertise and teach them how to potentially become a brand ambassador.


I wrote this post, and most everything I do with two primary goals. 1) I sincerely wish to serve my readers with the best information possible and 2) I see opportunity to grow with sponsorship of good people like Buzzoole. I get paid for consulting and knowing how to share fresh ideas that will benefit my clients. They pay me from my time, never to sway my opinion. The above is my own opinions.