Fellow Futurist Insights

I feel blessed to be associated with other futurist and leaders through IBM’s futurist program. I learn from these people everyday.

Today, I saw this infographic shared on Facebook. It has comment from my friends on areas that we all need to think about as we lead into the future. Technology, Big Data, Collaboration, Communication, Culture and Talent.

The future is going to change faster than progress we are already working to keep up with. Keeping up is not an option. We need to push forward to get the future we want.

Study this wisdom and then share the message.

futurist insights

Thanks to Britt Michaelian, Chris Heuer, Brian Fanzo, Jeff SheehanShawn Murphy, Meghan Brio,  Douglas Soltys, Janine Truitt and IBM for sharing new futurist insights and helping us lead into the #NewWayToWork.

Follow these people. You’ll learn plenty and have some fun along the way.