Necessity is the mother of invention. We create things that we need or see a future need for.

Working with IBM as a futurist thinking about the #NewWayToWork, we have been talking about the necessity of continual innovation and how “keeping up” will actually leave you far behind. It’s no longer enough to keep doing what you’ve been doing. Disruption and disintermediation are running rampant.

Fortunately, IBM offers us all ways to see and share the latest innovations. Like ideas from foward thought leaders at TED@IBM… A TED conference focused on the necessity of innovation.

What I’ve Learned from TED@IBM

I heard about last year’s TED at IBM from friends who attended and spoke. Watching a couple of videos led me to one by Kare Anderson

I had been connected to online but really didn’t know much about. Watching Kare speak, I realized I had missed out on so much, especially her ideas about mutuality, and started following her more closely. When Kare released a book, I read it and recommend it to friends. Then I invited her to be on my radio show early this year and we started talking more often.

You can see all of last year’s talks videos..

I’m really looking forward to meeting Kare at this years TED@IBM and see how serendipity will bring new connections, new ideas, new projects and keep me in a state of constant total amazement.

Attend TED at IBM on October 15

I was invited to the conference and surrounding activities next month. I jumped on the opportunity and started making plans to spend a couple extra days in San Francisco. I am so glad I did. I found out that some of the brightest minds, friends on social media, technology innovators, and people I learned from will be in attendance.

And then there’s the speakers. These are the people to watch over the next year and beyond. Why not get started now?

It may be possible to get an invite… Go immediately to to see if you can possibly join us in San Francisco.

Live Streaming for Everyone

Even if you can’t get to the live event, I suggest you register for the live streaming. Just go to the IBM site  and click on the life streaming button.

If you are going to be in San Francisco, let me know. If you are going to watch it online, or watch the talks from last year, leave a comment, and let’s get to know each other better through discussions on important topics here and on social media.

Like most of my posts, I highlight friends, companies and ideas that will serve you well and be good for my business. I receive compensation for my time, never my opinions. Thanks to IBM for sponsorship and encouragement… The recommendations here were not coerced… I really would love to see you at this event 🙂