Today’s must follow friend is Keith Griffis.

Keith Griffis Random Acts of Online Kindness (RAOK)

Keith Giffis of Online Creators Launchpad

Keith Giffis of Online Creators Launchpad

Keith runs an online creators group on Facebook. Every day, he encourages podcasters and other creators who are starting new ventures online.

These groups are becoming common. Most have a guru’s assistant or bot posting and very few people interacting. I belong to a few that only have announcements of new posts, events or episode and zero comments.

That’s not how Keith’s community works.

Every day, he challenges his group to post. We see some self promotion.. that’s okay. He’s teaching self promotion!

We also see things like this:

Parenting Confident Kids

This is a place for parents who are ready to learn tips for raising confident children that excel both in class and life. Parenting Confident Kids is a program designed to give awesome parents strategies that when implemented will yield a cooperative environment and eliminate stress! In association with Create It Kids Club. Please check us out at for more blogs about parenting confident kids.

It’s a banner Keith made for Tameka LaSay Anderson¬†without her even asking.

Tamika had a header banner. Keith thought she could use a new one and just did it.

You Can Be Like Keith Griffis

You may not be a whiz at banners, but you’re good at something. Doesn’t need to be your professional work or job, and it doesn’t have to be much. Follow Keith’s example and do a favor for a friend today. Your friend will appreciate it and you’ll have a great feeling the rest of the day.