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I just had a marvelous short phone call with my friend Kare Anderson. In a few minutes, we covered many things and I have a list of great ideas that you’ll see me share in the next week or so. I am posting this note to thank Kare, as I know I won’t remember to acknowledge her for the many times her work helps me.

Kare and I have never met in person, but have been friends for years. At her suggestion, we talked for a while early this year. Her clarity in stating best practices on several fronts and organizing me (as much as anyone can) has stuck with me over the months.

Kare was on my radio show a few months back, and while planning for our new podcast, I reached out to see what she’s doing, share LimitlessInfluence, and ask how I might help her on her projects.

Instead, I feel like I was getting the best coaching ever. I have 10 notes to follow up on, possible guests and collaborators.. resources that will certainly help me.

And best of all, I found out we’re both going to an event next month and get to meet in person!

Looking at the best relationships I’ve had in my life, it’s clear. Those that give without asking, look for growth, and act from the heart are my favorites. I work every day to follow the example of good people like Kare. The more I give, the more I learn, and I am learning to love others more without expectations.

Kare’s website is SayItBetter.com. A perfect name for the insights and growth I’ve experienced knowing Kare. Follow her, and learn about mutuality from the best.

About This Post

I’m working on a habit of sharing one person (sometimes a couple) in posts here on DailyWarren.com where I can offer more depth than retweets and follow contests offer. Usually someone I have first met online, always people who inspire me to do more, like the people we talk to on LimitlessInfluence. 

I hope you are inspired to share the best of people you know. Focusing on others has been the most rewarding joy of my life. Thanks for sharing this.