Meet MaAnna and Follow @BlogAid

Meet MaAnna and BlogAid

Most days, I start the morning with a check of social media and lately, that include a look at

When I get to Blab, I look at the top live shows. Blab currently is showing the most attended first, and depending on the tag I pick in the left had column, I see the friends and celebrities and what they are up to.

This morning, I caught a few minutes of a show where Denise Wakeman was being interviewed about tips to get better known. Just as I posted “Hi @DeniseWakeman” to let her know I has tweeted about the show, she started talking about what guests could do to get known. Got lucky on that timing!

Of course my ego has me thinking “wonder if the will invite me on?” and thoughts of getting some extra attention for my new podcast came to mind. That’s when I have to remind myself… social networking is not about what I want, it’s about helping others. Being seen as a person who is helpful is easy. You just have to be helpful 🙂

I gave some props to the Denise and the host @BlobAid. That’s very easy.. just click on them! MaAnna had a nice lower third (her name superimposed at the bottom of her camera). I know how to do that, but thought I’d go look at her explanation so I could share it.

That’s Where the BlogAid Fun Starts

Once I got to the web site, I didn’t just watch the video. I watched several. MaAnna Minutes are extremely well done and located all over the site. Wow. What a treasure of information for a WordPress beginner.

Here’s one I will refer to often.

Blab Beginner Hosting Tips

My Ulterior Motives

Let me be as transparent. I benefit from sharing MaAnna, BlogAid and the Blab advice here.

  1. I’ve got a simple URL to remember for the next time someone asks me how to Blab
  2. I don’t have to answer beginner questions. MaAnna did that for me
  3. I got mentioned on an excellent Blab session chat (plus a wave from Denise)
  4. Others will link to DailyWarren through social media and my feeds.
  5. This post will be referenced in an email blast (reuse of the content)
  6. MaAnna will notice and hopefully appreciate the attention
  7. You will learn about BlogAid and Blab

The benefits continue.. I could go on here for hours.. sharing, participating, linking and sharing more. That’s how ideas spread.

And likely, someone will ask me about the podcast (you caught that above, right?)