While working on the launch plans for LimitlessInfluence.com, we talked to some of the best connected podcast producers we know. Heather and I invited Thom Scott and podcasters to join us to talk about what podcast listeners want.

Podcast Listeners are Anxious to Hear..

Watch this blab to here how podcasts, blogs, and most everything we do relies on some simple assumptions that will help you grow an audience and find the engagement that will lead to success

About Blab.im

Podcasters, though leaders, and people who like live conversations are discovering Blab.im. I liken it to the conversations I have we an ad hoc group after a meeting or conference. May have friends, may last a few minutes or several hours, with people dropping in and out as their schedules and interests allow.

Popular for podcasters because the recordings are instant and high quality. Popular with podcast listeners when they get to see theĀ behind the scenesĀ look at how the podcast is made and connection with the hosts and guests.

Your Twitter handle is your Blab handle. Connect with me at blab.im/WarrenWhitlock

Our New Podcast

We are just days away from having episodes available on LimitlessInfluence.com. Heather Vale and I will be talking to influencers about topics they love, how they got to where they are, and actionable advice for podcast listeners.

We believe that everyone has influence and can learn to get whatever they need by knowing how influential connects work and building their own reputation as an influencer. Not everyone wants to be the leader. Those who do will be the most valuable connections.