Meeting smart people online is easy. You probably are doing most of this already. Here’s some smart people I met today, and how I honed in on learning in one area of interest for me.

Smart People Everywhere

Kristi Lambert is a smart person. She posted about podcast The Super Smart Guy being recorded on As you might know, Blab is growing like crazy and while I love it, the content is heavily weighted toward talking about Blab and streaming tools.

This looked like something more interesting:

Checking it out, I saw I was following @Raikin and now I’m subscribing to his podcast AND The Super Smart Guy.

Now finishing the listen. Knowing I’ll be smarter from these connections.

10 Minutes To Meet Smart People

Writing this post took longer than all the steps I took. The podcasts will take longer, though I’m going to follow what Ivan Raiklin talked about and get a Waterproof Mp3 player.

Is it worth it? Today is a win for sure. I’ve found 3 people I’ll probably add to my outreach list for Limitless Influence, and learn more about world affairs and other super smart guy topics. Best of all is the serendipity I’ve come to expect. I know if I did this for 100 days, I’d find several leads that would be income. I’ll have a bigger rolodex of peole I’ve connected.

On top of that. I hope I’ve helped you find these people and learn how to connect with super smart people yourself.