Blab News

Just saw this email update from Brittany at It’s my friend @JoelComm doing what he does best… getting attention by doing something awesome.

Have You Experienced a Flash Blab?

I’ve recently witnessed something truly amazing happen on Blab that I thought I would share. Joel & Vincenzo do a show called Blab Talk Live, quite frequently, and at the end they’ve created the idea of “Flash Blabbing” another room.

So what is a Flash Blab?

At the end of a show, Joel scans the homepage for an awesome Blab that just hasn’t gotten the proper attention deserved. While Vincenzo is wrapping up the show, Joel pastes a link to the Blab in the chat, and this is how they say goodbye. Everyone clicks into that Blab and let’s them feel the power of community.

Name that tune- 80s and 90s music gets Flash Blabbed.

Brad took it like a true tune master and kept the game going!

The best part is, ~30 minutes after the Flash Blab happened, people stuck around. They jumped in to play, and were commenting in guesses to the songs being played.

There’s some really fun shows, and trivia starting to take place on Blab, and I encourage you to jump into some Blabs you’ve never been in before.

Are You Blabbing?

The serendipity of jumping on a blab and meeting others like you, doing awesome things is fun and profitable. I’ve met up with clients, prospects, friends and a ton of new people just like them.

Logging in with a Twitter account takes one click. Finding something interesting and click to join the blab. You can watch, applaud (give props) or chat via text.. just like you’d think it should work.

If there is an open seat, click JOIN if you want to say something… or not.. it’s your choice.

Hosting a BLAB is just as easy by phone app, web browser, most anything with a camera and mic.

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