Latest update. Consumer Reports did their own test on #bendgate.

Still my favorite meme in quite a while. 

And the the much more entertaining

Will it Blend #bendgate Blending

Best explanation of the Apple iPhone 6 plus #Bengate I’ve seen. #Bengate is blowing up as a trend, but for the most part a diversion. Watch this for a brief overview of the real risks.

Should You Worry About Bendgate?

If you have a iPhone 6 plus, no case and plan to sit on it, you can worry.. though worry won’t get you anywhere.

Instead, focus on how cool you’ll be when you are in the 99% who don’t get a bend and can feel superior.

About the Video:

iPhone 6 Plus bending stories have taken over the internet. Here’s what you need to know!

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test (UnboxTherapy):

Using a case on the iPhone 6 Plus (TLD):

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