CEO’s should blog Branson says:

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Branson Blogs. You should too.

Virgin Billionaire Richard Blog Branson’s Comment

Every CEO should make a big effort to get online. It is a superb platform for seeing what people really think about your company, and gives you a voice to engage with them. Those businesspersons who embrace the rapid changes of the Web are those who will be in the best position to benefit from them. But more than that, they will have a blast along the way.

Branson says he reads the comments. Imagine what he learns.

Branson likes to spread his money across industries. Some of his investments this year include Sidecar, a transportation startup that competes with Uber and Lyft, healthcare startup Doctor on Demand and BitPay, a bitcoin payment processor, among others.

Meanwhile, Branson continues to be omnipresent on LinkedIn, where he boasts 6.4 million followers. He took to the professional network this week to say that, yes, he writes his own blogs. And he thinks other CEOs should too.

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