One of my favorite ways to create interesting content is authentic answers to questions I get.

Try this next time you get one of those questions that used to annoy me. You know, the one’s you wished they’d read in the FAQ, or just know.

Turns out, these are often the best intro to a new customer, partner or friend… Think about it, the person asking “What time does your store close?” is likely not just conducting a survey, there a good chance he wants to buy something!

Can You Live and Work in Vegas?

When I first came to Vegas, I got annoyed if someone that I lived in a casino, went to bars and gambled all the time, or even worse.. give a national address as President saying inferring that trips to Sin City were evidence that someone was sloughing off. I considered it my duty as a upstanding citizen of Nevada to tell everyone that many fine people lived here and that blah blah blah

Now I think I have matured a bit. I welcome you to ask me any of the popular Vegas questions.

How can you stand living with all these blinking lights?

Have you seen any of the bodies buried in the desert?

Do you ever run into Elvis?

I look forward to your tweets.

Can You Work in Vegas?

I just got this tweet. Just a sample of many, (Say hi to @SaturnSocial if you know them.. or even if you don’t)

work in vegas

It’s true that many people have jobs at the casinos. That’s a major employer. 46% of all employed and they have no problem getting there work done.

There are over 2 millions people here. 22,067 conventions and meetings held, bring over 5 million people.

So when you come to visit, there’s a lot of people who don’t live here running around with even more tourists and you might not notice those of us who aren’t anywhere near the Strip.

We have a burgeoning startup and tech scene, much of it centered in downtown (follow #DowntownProject and #VegasTech)

Here’s the Truth About Me Working

work-playI do have a tough getting everything done I want to do. I love meeting people online and off, there are so many opportunities to share and people who would like to use social media right with authentic engagment and quality content, I get very busy. Thankfully, there are a lot of conventions held here, so I don’t have to travel quite as much and the technology today let’s me do a lot of what I do from my house.

My trouble is. I can’t tell the difference between work and play.

And that’s just the way I like it!