After 24 hours of I counted 4 posts.

That wasn’t the plan

I’d like to make a couple of things very clear when you visit

  1. An easy to subscribe and listen to PODCAST.. just a few minutes a day to get the best I find on the web
  2. Links to the resources I get asked about every day. 

So far, I did most of the background work, checked Twitter and Facebook and got carried away. Biting my tongue (and fingers) while we’re working on the “easy” part and installing the hooks to a podcast server to start up after the holiday weekend here.

I added a Google Plus Page because over time, Google search seems to love that. Plus (pun intended), there is a new trick I’m using to compose tweets with photos. Google Plus appears to be an answer for that. 

That lead to a different version of the logo. One day soon, you won’t see this one anywhere 🙂

DailyWarren podcast and blog from Warren Whitlock

Just now, I added SribeFire, a pop up post writer, and this is my test post. Today, if you have Google Chrome, the later 64 bit version (should be installed automatically for you) and a few extensions, Anyone can blog in real time. 

I haven’t stopped talking about this, and everything else going on, and took most of a day off.. so a little delay and a whole lot of fun!