There’s a lot I like about #FollowFriday.

It’s a constant reminder to connect with people on Twitter… the reason we are there.

And then there’s the downside on Fridays.

Miranda GrayInstead of telling us why we need to follow someone, after about 3 weeks, people started cramming as many Twitter handles as possible into a tweet, and soon after shortened the hashtag to #ff

For a while, I asked as many as I could about how often they read the list, checked out each person and maybe met someone new.

Often that answer was ZERO.

About then, my friend @ChrisBrogan (a man who I could definitely recommend you follow) wrote a more eloquent version of this in a nice blog post that featured three people he thought we ought to know. I read the blog post, research the one person I didn’t know, and followed them.

Then I wrote a similar post on our Twitter Blog (which ended life back in 2010) and recommend a few people to follow.

I’ve done similar things since, and Chris lists great people to know in his excellent weekly newsletter (one of a very few I read every week. Get it).

Currently, I’m picking out several new followers each day and featuring them in some way. Talking about them in a tweet, linking to their blog or website, or sharing a good tweet from them. It’s been a lot of fun, but quite limiting in terms of the time it takes and good it can do.

So instead I’m featuring people here. I’d like to make it a “Twitter Friend of the Day” but in keeping with my “NO RULES. Make it Up as I Go Along” policy, we will have to wait and see. You’ll find out when I do.

So here’s the first: Miranda Gray. She’s been exchanging tweets with me for a while, and was one of the first to visit the new website.

twitter miranda grayMiranda did one thing that really stood out. SHE READ A POST!

At the bottom of a post, I said I’d tell another story later. She let me know, in a fun way, that I had not completed that. (after all, the site had been up 27 minutes).

I promised to tell the story in the podcast I’m preparing for. So naturally, I have to show you the tweets from that conversation.

Two Lessons from Miranda

  1. No reason to ask to be featured, get a “shout out” or tell me you need more followers. That’s actually quite a turn-off
  2. She did what I asked her to do. Miranda is a very valuable friend. Doing more than I expect from Twitter connections.

And a lesson from me… I like people who do favors for me.. BUT, I LOVE PEOPLE WHO DO FOR OTHERS.

When I see followers share my tweets, or tell others about great people (please, not #FF lists) I know they are taking time to form real connections. I want to do something nice for them.

I won’t make promises of reciprocation. In fact, a favor done to earn a favor isn’t a favor. (another post or story for the podcast right there).

You can do me a favor. Follow @MirGray and then find one of here special tweets that resonates with you, REPLY or share it with a note (it’s Twitter.. you only need a couple of words). Make it a REAL connection. I’m counting on you to do this, so you don’t need to mention me or post a comment. You can if you want.

What I’d like to hear is OTHER IDEAS about favors you do for people in your Social Network. I read all comments here and hope to reply and network with your soon.