Twitter Revolution author Warren Whitlock

Here’s a photo of me with the original printing of Twitter Revolution, the first book about Twitter. Remind me to tell you why there is no color.

One thing you should always do when designing a new site.. make sure you’ve install all the graphics, plug-ins, tracking apparatus and check all the speeling before letting anyone see it.

When working with my team on fancy sites for corporations and big name celebrities, I insist on a sandbox site,  a preview for all involved where we can work out all the kinks and flawless before you can see it.

Then There’s MY Sites

If you’ve not guessed by now, I’d rather have fun engaging with real people and showing exactly what I’m doing.. warts and all. So if you’re looking for fancy,  you won’t find it here.

Right now, I’m in hour 7 of my setting my of the site and the whole project has been put on at least six times in the past week since I decided the world needs a daily podcast from me.

I have about 34 minutes of actual work into the project and many hours of talking to my followers and network about it.

At this rate, I’ll have another 10 posts and 400 social media comments written before there’s a sidebar or anyway to subscribe.

Stick With Me and Learn

If you can put up with some story telling and inconsistent schedule, I promise to share with you a few tricks that we usually don’t get around to talking about.

TRICK #1 Call what you do special so people know it is. I put “Secrets Revealed” in the headline for this posts to draw your attention. I may be fudging a bit on the ‘secret’ part as I’m willing to give away this secret to anyone who listens. It IS secret if you look at how often someone hides their best feature by skipping this.

Don’t lie about it. I’m not going to tell you “the secret to success is a WordPress Blog” because you can use something else if you want and get similar results. I love WordPress (just made a note to tell you about that in another post.. Finally a good use for that photo with Matt the WordPress Guy).. and I can show  you a few things that will rock it.. but using the most popular blog platform for a podcast and news notes site is no secret.

Do Let the World Know

In my defense, I am an expert at this one. I once announced that I was writing the first book about Twitter without any clue of what we were going to write about. Started a radio show (podcast) and several other community building projects before we wrote a word. And I was smart enough to team up with the lovely Deb Cole, the best natural Twitter user I’ve ever met, much easier to look at and a genius. All I had to do was tell my stories, hire a publisher, and network like crazy.

So that’s what I’m doing here. I’ve invited you in to comment, tweet, ask me a question or tell me off. Whatever happens will be publicly displayed, transparent and authentic. What better way to teach that then by being that.

One way I”m making sure people know that I”m here is PINGS.

Frankly, I’ve stopped using this to get attention from search engines and directories. After a few hundred thousand posts online, I found that more everything I do get found. Looking at it, I decided I could go look for the latest research and talk myself out of it or let you know that it can’t hurt (hence this post).

The work “PING” above is linked to a service that tells a bunch of servers we exist. Soon, there will be a separate Twitter feed of just these posts, a listing on iTunes so you can get the podcast there and more (that’s another post).

You made it to the end of the post.. and got it all in BEFORE the crowds arrived. Congratulations!

Send me a tweet that you did, and I’ll reply with something special for you.